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In the beginning there was…

Which came first $Blackdragon or the egg?

The question has become one of the open web’s great mysteries. DragonVerse lore can be traced back to the origins of civilization on NEAR Protocol and the fossilized remains of the antiquated operating systems. In order to preserve this hybrid of reptilian cyberorganisms, a collection of elemental eggs was gathered from the depths of cyberspace for further examination. These eggs would in turn give birth to DragoNEAR. However, due to celestial forces, DragonVerse would adapt to its environment, becoming what is known today as NEARHub– the only metaverse on NEAR Protocol. Though, never straying completely from their breakthrough anthropomorphic discoveries, the DragonVerse has been incubating, awaiting a return to the Kingdom of Dragons. Inspired by a civil sense of duty cultivated by the Meme Wars of 2024, a renaissance was spearheaded by the Eggs of Near, an experimental collection of cloned cosmic elements mimicking the OG and reviving interest in saving the eggs lineage To much success and chagrin of their competition, this mutant breed of eggs would spawn an awakening across the entire ecosystem, bringing together ancestors spanning land, sea and shitcoin, populating the entire blockchain with their offspring of extra chromosomes. Helping to accelerate the rejuvenation of their dragon eugenics project, NEARHub has partnered with Bodega Labs to engineer a new Super Breed of dragons on NEAR and cross-chain landscapes. The Magic Awaits Inside…

Phase 1: Save the eggs

Top collections include:

Eggs of NEAR DragoNEAR Egg. Grand. Guild. #SaveTheEggs Sanic’s Embryo (soon)

To qualify:

Must have egg in name of collection or title Must have at least two owners

Phase 2: Stake 'n' eggs

Stake your egg for two weeks Earn rewards in $BLACKDRAGON/$JUMP/$MEPT Unlock your *new* egg to begin the next phase

All eggs will be burned as part of The Hatchening. (Dragons rise)

Phase 3: the Hatchening Birth your dragon. Different hatching mechanisms are determined by collection, additional NFTs, hints and more. Earn rewards.

Phase 4: Dragon eugenics project

Swap traits and DNA. Create your own Super Breed of dragons.

Meteor wallet missions: Coming soon

Trade Qualifying Community Egg for a New Dragon Egg. Your Old Egg Will Be Burned in the Process Stake on Jump DeFi for $BD/$NDC/$JUMP rewards. Trade multiple eggs in exchange for a stronger dragon, attributes and more depending on the collection. Watch the $BLACKDRAGON REMIX music video in wallet and receive rewards.

The Hatchening is coming…